Friday, 31 July 2009

Videopia Commission

Recently, I was asked by Harriet from Videopia to make her her own personalised Short Hooded One in time for Secret Garden Party.

Here are some pictures...

I get quite a lot of commissions from people who have their own onesie fantasy or just simply want to adapt and personalise one of my own designs.

Past clients have included vitaminwater, a burlesque dancer, a hoard of investment bankers or their way to Burning Man and a Father, Mother and Baby matching trio!

I also just realised this is the debeut of the new Short Hooded one - I've changed the design slightly so it has pockets and doesn't bunch at the crotch. Here's a rather crude picture I took of one a couple of weeks ago...

Hopefully I'll have some more proper photos up after the weekend but for your information:

Short Hooded One - £28
Short Hooded One w/lined hood - £35
Short Hooded One w/lined hood and front pocket - £38

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