Tuesday, 26 October 2010


I've been getting really into space recently. I'm going to save up for about 80 years and go on a Virgin Galactic flight.

Christopher Kane. SS/11.

Friday, 22 October 2010


So...I guess what you've all been wondering what I've been up to...

This may sound incredibly blasphemous but I've been dabbling in the world of...separates.

My ideas have been running away with me over the last couple of months and in order to contain them I've launched another label, Bombe Surprise.

This label will allow me to be a bit more versitile and eccentric with my designs. Expect patterns, accessories, underwear, leggings...all over the place!

Not to worry though, I haven't given up (or stopped loving) the one piece. We Are All In One shall continue as normal. Next stop - long johns!

Here are a few designs from the Bombe Surprise label - go check it out: www.bombesurprise.blogspot.com

Friday, 1 October 2010


OK so I don't know if I've already divulged this but I have a serious phobia of velvet.

Weird, I know, but the very thought of it makes my hands and feet sweat/tingle and prolonged looking/thinking about it's soft, bristly surface turns that into a horribly uncomfortable sickening ache.

So imagine my dispair when I found this wonderful onesie by Bodkin.

and these well-known boots from Opening Ceremony.

That (teamed with the fact that velvet is like SO totally in this season) means that I'm going to have to make a serious bid to overcome my phobia. So far I've managed to settle my score with Corduroy (which has similar velvet qualities)...maybe my next challenge will be velour and then hopefully I'll be sewing everything out of velvet!

Or maybe I'll just have to start sewing with a pair of Marigolds on...