Thursday, 1 October 2009

Gareth Pugh. I heart you.

I know these aren't onesies but I literally love everything about these images - the lighting, make-up, accessories..and of course, the clothes.

It really is something to be inspired by and work towards - I have trawled through hundreds of catwalk images over the last few weeks and have barely come away with a sense of anyone doing something different or moving forward.

I remember watching this sort of reality(ish) tv programme called 'The Fashion House' a good few years ago and Gareth Pugh was one of the 10 or so designers who had to live in this house in Milan and create pieces from the different briefs they were given each week. Those awful trashy designer twins, DSquared, were the judges one week and said that they thought Pugh's work was more costume based and that it would never work on the catwalk...and now Pugh has a much better reputation than they do! Ha!


  1. those models faces are going to give me nightmares. i feel like weeping now/... ahhhhhh

  2. In all honesty he should stick to designing womens clothing...I'm sure there are some interesting pieces in the menswear collection but as a look it really does'nt work nor compare to the his womens range...but thats just my opinion...there is something out there for everyone.