Thursday, 7 January 2010

Musical onesies.

I've had a few commissions from bands/singers to make them all in ones for their performances of them being Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs. I'm performing with him at the Roundhouse tonight as part of a thing called Black Box - which is a series of musical performances going on this month that are broadcast live over the internet.

I am designated costume maker for T.E.E.D so I was up till 2am last night stuffing KPOC into dinosaur tails and making new dino all in ones for the band and his dancers (one of them being me).

I'll post some photos of them in a few days time but if you want to see them live in action then follow this link and tune in at 8pm tonight!

I also made the dancers (again, one of them is me - I get around, don't I?) costumes for thecocknbullkid's 'Own My Own' music video. Check it.

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