Thursday, 13 January 2011


Happy New Year and ting. Apologies for my lack of blogging - I'm not as good at it as I used to be. Deep in thought!

So, a few things to report. The winter onesies I made for Youth Club will be available to buy online in the next week. We've still got a couple of months of cold weather to go so they'll still come in handy!

In terms of new stuff for Spring/Summer - I'm working on getting a vast collection completed using and taking inspiration from the African fabric I've been briefly flirting with. I've been doing a lot more research into it and it's not only interesting to look at but has a load of political/cultural ideas that I'm going to incorporate into it's presentation.

One book I've been looking at is 'Maske' by Phyllis Galembo. Which has a wealth of amazing onesies to look at!

However. I won't be releasing this new collection on this label. Instead, it will be on my other label, Bombe Surprise. Reasons for this are purely for the fact that I don't want to be restricted as to what I can design with this collection. Which is why I started Bombe Surprise in the first place. I want to make hats and bras and shirts! But don't worry - there will definitely be a good few onesies in there and they will be available to buy on the we are all in one shop, too.

Soon. x

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